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Delighted to be the first. Since I started listening to the beautiful album, it has been playing in my mind 24/7.
In fact I have had to stop listening as it keeps me awake at night.
I have seen the accompaning TV programme and get a great vibe from that also. Listen with care it could take your life over.
Wish I had the good fortune to have know Caoimhin.
Everybody should hear this life enhancing record true genius and true beauty, truly Irish, what being Irish is all about, not the usual preconceptions. I am now going to print off the lyrics and brush up my gaelic. Please spread the word and enjoy.
Alan OLeary

Congratulations to you all on a truly enchanting, wonderful album. Like Alan, I have been playing this cd a lot and the melodies stay with me....
I am delighted to hear that you are planning to perform some concerts at some time in the near future and am looking forward to hearing further details of dates, venues etc.. Clare would be a great place to start!!

Tá Beal Tuinne go hállainn ar fad, go mór mhór Bealtaine
Cois Laoi

What a beautiful album....hope the music score , especially for Bealtaine na maighdine is available.... what a beautiful hymn to the queen of beauty.

oilibhear Maoilir Leamhcan

This is one of the most moving albums I have ever played, it brought a tear to my eye and every time I now mention it I get a lump in my throat. Powerful.

I'm pleased I can play it on the station for my listeners to hear and hopefully share in that experience.

Alex Gallacher


I've just been given a second copy of this amazing CD..and am thrilled to have one for the car and one in the house! It's a real treasure,the voices, the accordian etc just beautiful.
Alice Paul
Wellington NZ

Beautiful,beautiful,congratulations to all who took part.
Chris and Mike Porter

You have captured the mood and essence of a place in Ireland.It took me in the music to the West Cork of my youth 50 years ago.A wonderful line up and once again Sean a superb piece of composing.

Thank you

Malcolm Shellard


Óiche go híontach i gcathar Corcaí.

Brían Mach Aon Innéirghthe
Oileáin Séimh
Cú Corcaí

Comhgardachas uile. I was at the concert at the Pavillion in Cork last Friday night - beautiful music - lets have more. John McAleer

Sé an Cd seo an Cd is fearr a cheannaíos le fada.Tá an ceol den chéad scoth ann.Go raibh maith agaibh uile.Thaistil mé go Corcaigh don cheolchoirm Dé hAoine seo caite.B'fhiú go mór dom an turas.Leigheas don anam atá ann.Tagaigí go dtí an Clár go luath le bhur dtoil.Comhghairdeachas agus buíochas libh arís.

Fantastic album! Makes me so proud to be an Ó Cinnéide! Is mise Feargal, mac Muiris, nia Caoimhín Ó Cinnéide. I spend most of my time recently travelling between Ireland and India, Russia, Egypt and Turkey; the pains of air-travel are soothed by Fearaibh na bhFeoibh and Ar Muir san Oíche (my favourites). On a recent trip to Moscow with Aeroflot, a hostess awoke me from a dose to ask me to be quiet - I was singing along to Fearaibh na bhFeoibh with my head-phones on! I know Dad and Caoimhín would have had a good laugh at that! Feargal Ó Cinnéide, Chontae Thiobraid Árann.

Great gig in Siamse Tire on 29th Nov. Beir bua. Hilary

I was at the concert in Siamsa on the 29th Nov. What a wonderful night. The music and singing were just magic, i was swept away by the beautiful sounds and didn`t want it to end... so of course i bought the CD and its being played constantly. please, please,say there will be another concert in the near future. G Cantillon

Fantastic performance in the Exam Hall in Trinity College Dublin last night. Many thanks.

Iontach iontach.....Beir bua



Great album! Devine music in a beautiful church!
Michael Teekens

Great c.d. I have it in my c. d. player in my car and it is always on. I have a cassette called Granuaile, composed by Shaun Davey and sung by Rita Connolly, I would like to purchase it on a c. d.I hope it is available.

Dave Crampton, B. C. Canada

There is something very sacred and beautiful about this whole production. Deeply moving. I'm so glad I discovered the snippet on Youtube which led me to buying the CD.

Deirdre in Germany


Congratulations to you all on a truly enchanting, wonderful album. Like Alan, I have been playing this cd a lot and the melodies stay with me....
I am delighted to hear that you are planning to perform some concerts at some time in the near future and am looking forward to hearing further details of dates, venues etc.. Clare would be a great place to start!!

Tá'n sibh notalta ar fad. Súil agam go bhfuil na gigeanna ag dul go maith. Ciarraí Abú.

Thank you all for a magical night in Feakle on Friday 7th August. I bought the CD on line and have been playing it practically non-stop since particularly Bealtaine na Maighdine, Spraoi, Cois Laoi and Scail na Lasrach. The words and music are just magical.
Hope you will be playing another concert soon - will keep checking your website.
Hannah, Wicklow.

Oiche alainn a bhi ann sa Daingean anocht!! Bhi me i Malawi cupla blian o shin agus gan dabht bean iontach i Mags!! Fair play sibh an concert a dheanamh agus bhi se go hiontach ar fad!!

Cait Ni Dhuibhir, Sraidbhaile

We were visiting Dingle for three days on August 12, 13, and 14. Our next two nights we spent in Castlemaine. The woman at the Dingle Music Shop told us of the concert on August 16, so we decided to drive back in on Sunday for the concert at St. Mary's. We stood for a long time at the door having arrived at 6:30 pm as there was a delay for some further rehearsal. It was well worth the wait!!! Beal Tuinne has two new fans in Washington State. One of the first things we did upon returning home was to order your CD from a seller on Amazon.com.

Art and Cheryl Klym, Kennewick, Washington

Any chance for a second CD? The first is exquisite and haunting.

Sharon Dennihy Bailey

Thank you so much for putting to music Caoimhin's poem about walking to Dingle with my dad,Dave Russell. My father often spoke with great love of his childhood friend. Your tribute is surely a sign that they now walk together again.
God Bless.
Mary Ellen Russell O'Brien Springfield, Ma

Bhíos ar mhuin na muice chun saoilse agus fuaim a dhéanamh libh!
Ciarán MacLiam

Went ot the concert by accident in Gougane Barra, West Cork.
The concert was just a warm up. The session in the bar afterwards was unforgettable. Pure magic. Best concert/session in 40 years.

Sean O Mahony, Newcestown,West Cork.

As a musical group we love to play irish music.
When we saw/heard Ciúmhais Charraig Aonair on YouTube we were like hypnotised by the beauty of this song and by the voice of Rita Connolly !!
After ordering the CD at Claddagh Records in Dublin, we were enchanted by the quality of all songs and especially that of another little gem : Scail na Lasrach !!
Thanks for the translation of the lyrics on your website i
We wish you a HUGE success with this CD !! Slainte !
Jean-Louis Laenens
Phalaina Belgium

I picked up a copy of Éistigí in Dingle when I was there this Summer. I fell in love with Cois Laoi playing it over and over. I am thrilled to be able to finally get the album on Amazon - it makes a great Christmas present. Thank you so much for the music.

Brendan O'Connell
in NYC.

I will be in Dingle 8-18 April 2011 and heard about the music concerts at St.James. I tried to look for a website for the Church and somehow FOUND YOU! Fortuitous, indeed! I downloaded the CD from Amazon and am blown away! Wonderful music well presented, congratulations!

Is there any chance I may be able to hear you in person while I am in Ireland? Is there anyway to see the video? Are there other venues near Dingle where I may hear music of this quality?

Thanks and BRAVO!
Courtney Shucker

quite accidentally, i came across Ciúmhais Charraig Aonair. For whatever reason, I listened. now, i am hooked. Your musc should be heard & I will do my part beginning with my music groups on Facebook to help the cause. Fainne oir ort! Go raibh maith agat agus beannachtai na Feile Padraig.
Terrance Seán O'Dwyer